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Czech flag 40x26Communication solutions and overall communication strategy

Methods and means of external communications used in the implementation and development of the strategies.

External Communications

Analysis, strategy, monitoring
• A detailed analysis of the company’s market position in the Czech Republic and abroad
• Setting a detailed communication strategy action
• Media Monitoring
• Analysis of monitoring
• Proposed media follow-up to analysis monitoring

Direct work with journalists
• Regular meetings with journalists
• Press conferences
• An informal group meetings with journalists
• An informal individual meetings with journalists
• Targeted placement of information in appropriately selected media
• Support actions for journalists – themed events, workshops, tours
• Regular informing journalists about the client in the form of press releases

Preparation of texts and training materials
• Preparation and distribution of press releases
• Preparation and distribution of the newsletter
• Preparation of other texts for journalists (studies, thematic articles from the media unpublished texts about the client, texts, case studies, etc.)
• Preparation of catalogs, corporate annual reports
Preparing www Communications
• Complete graphical, system and content services
• Guerilla campaign on the Internet
• Non-traditional visibility services for client presentations

Internal Communications
• Preparation of strategy and internal communication tools
• Complete preparation of all information outlets
• Corporate training – training and media
• Team building
• Editorial and editing work
• Project designing internal communications
• Strategic Consultation

Public Affairs
• Preparation of strategy and philosophy based on the identified company goals
• Monitoring of events and information on the political and legislative
• Notifications to the threats and opportunities
• Early warning system
• Preparation argumentářů, design and implementation of strategies
• Gathering information
• Strategic Consultation
• Identification of key players, support for opinion leaders and decision makers
• Personal discussions and meetings with selected opinion makers

Production and promotional activities
• Delivering full production services for all types of corporate and social events
• The creative part of the campaign (agency has exclusive cooperations with leading creative and design studios)
• Mediaplanning
• Audits and evaluation of campaigns